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Links to important web sites
Mental Health Association of Collier County
  Helping people find the mental health support they need. Expanding the community's understanding of mental health.
National Association of School Psychologists
  Effective partners in the commitment of help school children and youth achieve their best. In school. At home. In life.
Florida Association of School Psychologists
  Supporting children - advancing the profession
Learning Disabilities Association of America
National Center for Learning Disabilities
  The power to hope, to learn, and to succeed
Florida Psychological Association
Collier County Public Schools
Lee County Public Schools

Online forms and documents in PDF format

Requires Adobe Reader - click here to download a free version
Phyllis Walters-Kemp, Ph.D. Vitae
  Curriculcum Vitae
Patient Contact - Adult
  Informed Consent Disclosure Statement Of Services and Responsibility - Adult
Patient Contact - Child
  Informed Consent Disclosure Statement Of Services and Responsibility - Child
Why Test
  Psychological and or Psychoeducational Evaluation
Homework and School Success
  Significant facets of structure to generate preferred performance


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